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Meet Dr. Mahaffey

Dr. Mahaffey on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic.

Christie decided to enter the holistic health care field after she saw a chiropractor at age 27.  Her chiropractor was the first doctor to address her body, lifestyle and emotions as a whole while attending to her needs.  No other doctor had helped her tackle her digestive problems, neck and insomnia in one office before! Christie had an epiphany. Now THIS is healthcare.  She saw holistic care as a huge contrast to the traditional medical system's route.  Christie volunteered at the county hospital ER while in Dallas and saw, first hand, the misery of the environment and people that were stuck in a system that is failing. That first chiropractic visit opened up a new exciting world of transformation for Dr. Mahaffey.

Prior to going to doctoral school, Dr. Mahaffey spent 4 years doing cancer research at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. While there she was published 3 times in the area of immunology and melanoma research.  She also spent time volunteering for Parkland Hospital ER while working at the research center. 

Dr. Christie Mahaffey graduated from the acclaimed Parker University in Dallas TX. Dr Mahaffey is board certified in the State of Texas to practice Chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and Nutrition Response Testing. Besides her doctorate, she holds bachelor’s of science degrees each in Biology, Anatomy, and Health & Wellness. 

While not at work, she enjoys reading, running, swimming at Deep Eddy, live music (especially at the Continental Club) and any craft project she can get her hands on.  If you travel to Playa Del Carmen you may see her and her husband, Nick, on the beach or playing in the waves.